Hertswise print making taster
Muriel's quilling
Conversations in drawing11
John's collage
Dorothy's front cover

Open Art Box CIC promotes the participation in the visual arts to enhance and improve the wellbeing of those affected by dementia in Hertfordshire

We are a not-for-profit arts organistion supporting families affected by dementia, providing opportunities to engage in creative and meaningful art projects.

What our participants say...

“This has been absolutely amazing, and a real help for us during lockdown to keep P stimulated and motivated by something different every week.” carer (daughter)

“I really look forward to the box arriving. As soon as the box comes I grab it, it’s got all the right equipment and there is always really nice things prepared for me to do. I get stuck in to every project” participant with dementia

“It has helped stretch my mind, keep me busy by a new challenge each week. I love the surprise of not knowing what’s coming each week”

“It does help battle my loneliness and occupies my mind. I can just concentrate on what I am doing” participant with dementia

“This project has opened up doors for discussions with my mum. Especially as we have been unable to get to local museums and cultural venues” carer (daughter)

“I have felt less isolated. When other things have stopped and their has been a greater burden on the carer, it has provided something that I have not had to organise and taken a weight off my shoulders” carer, (spouse)