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Each week we deliver a different art activity to participants' homes. These activities offer participants living with dementia and their carers the chance to explore a wide range of art mediums and artists.

Doorstep Discoveries

Images from our museum project in partnership with North Herts Museum and Stevenage Museum

Each week we deliver a home workshop inspired by a different artefact from each museum.  

Participants share some of their treasured objects and why they are special to them.

The Delftware Tile Workshop

For this Doorstep Discovery workshop we explored scenes and objects from our everyday lives and painted our own delftware-style tile in response.

This Delftware Tile is dated from around 1750 and depicts a vase and plant, with the Flour de Ley detail in the corners. 

The Delft style originates from The Netherlands from the mid 1600s and its popularity soon grew in Britain, where it began to be made more cheaply. They would often be found around the fire places and smoky kitchens, where they could be easily cleaned in both moderately wealthy middle class houses and the more grand aristocratic homes.

The Delft style traditionally depicted everyday scenes from Dutch life; farm workers; windmills; tulips but could also show, fantastical, mystical or biblical scenes. Part of its charm is this freedom and individuality of each scene, with each tile telling a different story.

This Delftware tile was discovered  (c1800-1900) from cottage on the Great North Road in Stevenage and now is part of the Stevenage Museum collection. 

Mary Ransom's Memorial Card 


This memorial card that was sent in 1853 to Mrs Mary Ransom of Hitchin who was married to William Ransom. The memorial card now resides at North Herts Museum in their historical archive. 

Cowper’s Mother’s Picture, gives reference to the poem, that is an extract from a much longer poem, called “On Receipt of My Mother’s Picture” written in 1798 by English poet, William Cowper. At the age of 58 he received a picture of this mother, who had died when he was just a boy, and this inspired him to write this poem. (You can read the whole thing online at

For this Doorstep Discovery workshop we considered the photos we keep and why they are special to us. Participants shared details about this with us through words and stories. 

We also created our own Victorian silhouette pictures. 

How creativity and culture are supporting shielding and vunerable people at home during Covid-19

A report carried out by the Culture Health and Wellbeing Alliance looked into the different ways cultural and creative organisations and individuals have been supporting the most vulnerable in our communities during lockdown. 

We are proud to have been included as one of the case studies in this important report, that highlights the vital role the arts has played in supporting people through this crisis and beyond.

You can read our case study here

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